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NFS mount on boot(Arch Linux)

At first, I added the following line to /etc/fstab. Then I could mount it by a command “mount -a”.

However, it isn’t mounted on boot automatically.  I searched google, and it might be a problem is that the system tried to mount nfs before networking up. To avoid this, there is a mount option “_netdev”.

After adding the option though it still doesn’t mount on boot. In addition, I had to enable a systemd target named “systemd-networkd-wait-online.service”, otherwise the systemd still might try to mount the nfs before networking up.

Finally it turned to be mounted on boot correctly:D.

Solving NFS Mounts at Boot Time


fctix + mozc(Arch Linux)

Once I installed fctix-mozc package and make ~/.xprofile following the wiki. Then I noticed I can enter Japanese inside only shell console, but can’t in other applications like firefox. The problem is that I only installed one package of fctix-im package group. It turned work fine after I installed all input method packages that the fctix-im includes(fcitx-gtk2fcitx-gtk3fcitx-qt4 and fcitx-qt5):D

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