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Month: 10月 2014

paiza Rank S

Today I got paiza Rank S!

It says Rank S programmer ratio is only 2%. Is it really?

I think tricks of solving paiza problems are two.

1. Testing code by various input data

If the code doesn’t pass almost all the problem’s test cases, it is difficult to get the rank of problem. It seems that coding to load input data by file and thinking various test patterns are important.

2. Review code until about 2 hours.

Time penalty of the exam is nothing until 2 hours. So if the code passes its sample input data, it is better that review the code and testing more patterns for remain time.


Nemesis install

When install paket injection tool “Nemesis”, I have to install “libnet-1.0.2a” library.

I  installed the library to /usr/nemesis/Libnet-1.0.2 by following command,

mkdir  /usr/nemesis

cd Libnet-1.0.2a


make && make install


Then build nemesis,


tar xvf

cd nemesis-1.4beta3

./configure –with-libnet-includes=/usr/nemesis/Libnet-1.0.2a/include/ –with-libnet-libraries=/usr/nemesis/Libnet-1.0.2a/lib

make && make install


Nemesis has been installed!

I tried ethernet spoofing.

sudo nemesis ethernet -d wlan0 -M {local PC MAC address} -H aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa

then dummy ethernet packet was captured like

00 08 ca ce 17 f5 aa aa  aa aa aa aa 08 00  (captured ethernet header : payload is nothing)


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