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Plex Media Server on Raspberry Pi

Thanks to besn0847/arm-plex docker image, it’s possible to run Plex Media Server on Raspberry Pi. This docker image is using third party package.

Here is ansible task that gets docker image and runs container.

After running playbook, Plex Web App is available at “http://{{ raspberry IP }}:32400/web/index.html”, but at first you have to sign up Plex account. The “network-mode: host” is required, otherwise you can’t access Plex by “Authorization Error”.

NFS mount on boot(Arch Linux)

At first, I added the following line to /etc/fstab. Then I could mount it by a command “mount -a”.

However, it isn’t mounted on boot automatically.  I searched google, and it might be a problem is that the system tried to mount nfs before networking up. To avoid this, there is a mount option “_netdev”.

After adding the option though it still doesn’t mount on boot. In addition, I had to enable a systemd target named “systemd-networkd-wait-online.service”, otherwise the systemd still might try to mount the nfs before networking up.

Finally it turned to be mounted on boot correctly:D.

Solving NFS Mounts at Boot Time


Let’s encrypt renew

When I renew my certificate by the following command with running nginx, and error occured.


As the document says, adding –webroot and -w option solved the problem. 😀



fctix + mozc(Arch Linux)

Once I installed fctix-mozc package and make ~/.xprofile following the wiki. Then I noticed I can enter Japanese inside only shell console, but can’t in other applications like firefox. The problem is that I only installed one package of fctix-im package group. It turned work fine after I installed all input method packages that the fctix-im includes(fcitx-gtk2fcitx-gtk3fcitx-qt4 and fcitx-qt5):D

Mastodon on Raspberry pi

Official Mastodon github doc says that the following softwares are required to run Mastodon.

  1. Nginx
  2. Docker
  3. Docker-compose

Nginx is userd as a reverse proxy. Docker can be installed by the below command written in official Raspbian doc.

However, official docker-compose can’t be used because it doesn’t compatible to Raspberry pi ARM CPU.

There is a docker-compose for ARM project, arm-compose in github. Though the readme says it isn’t maintaind anymore, anyway go ahead. Installation commands are written in the readme.

Not only docker-compose, official Mastodon docker image doesn’t work in ARM CPU environment as well, but there is a docker image for ARM, rpi-mastodon . However, using this original image we can’t compile Mastodon javascript later as menthioned in this Issue. Modified Dockerfile is here.

Though we can build rpi-mastodon images by docker build command as written in documents,  there is another problem. After precompile, when I access https://localhost:3000, browser says that

The problem is also mentioned in this Issue. Checking inside mastodon-web container, actually these files didn’t exist.

The precompiled files are found in public/assets directory with different names.

After copy or symlink these files inside public/javascripts or stylesheets directory, it worked. Other application_public.js or some images are also located in public/assets directory, so copy or symlink them as well.

Ubuntu 16.04: Can’t login Desktop (infinite loop)

One day, suddenly it turned that I couldn’t login desktop even if I enter correct password. Stackoverflow said that the reason is ~/.Xauthority permisson.

It solved the problem.

Ubuntu16.04: PHP7 MySQL connect

When I tried to run Zabbix locally, the PHP frontend page didn’t show by the following error.

After adding “php-mysql” package, it turned to work fine.


Linux: How to change hostname permanently in CentOS

To change hostname permanently in CentOS, use the following hostnamectl command (not hostname).


Linux: Ubuntu 16.04 fcitx-mozc couldn’t be install

After updating Ubuntu from 14.04 to 16.04, “Langauage Support” system settings didn’t work and the following error occured.

When I purged mozc-server package, it turned to work fine.


PostgreSQL: could not connect to server

When I started PostgreSQL server with specific database cluster on Ubuntu 14.04, the client coundn’t connect to the server.

After I changed ‘unix_socket_directories’ in the postgresql.conf, it worked.


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