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NFS mount on boot(Arch Linux)

At first, I added the following line to /etc/fstab. Then I could mount it by a command “mount -a”.

However, it isn’t mounted on boot automatically.  I searched google, and it might be a problem is that the system tried to mount nfs before networking up. To avoid this, there is a mount option “_netdev”.

After adding the option though it still doesn’t mount on boot. In addition, I had to enable a systemd target named “systemd-networkd-wait-online.service”, otherwise the systemd still might try to mount the nfs before networking up.

Finally it turned to be mounted on boot correctly:D.

Solving NFS Mounts at Boot Time


Let’s encrypt renew

When I renew my certificate by the following command with running nginx, and error occured.


As the document says, adding –webroot and -w option solved the problem. 😀



fctix + mozc(Arch Linux)

Once I installed fctix-mozc package and make ~/.xprofile following the wiki. Then I noticed I can enter Japanese inside only shell console, but can’t in other applications like firefox. The problem is that I only installed one package of fctix-im package group. It turned work fine after I installed all input method packages that the fctix-im includes(fcitx-gtk2fcitx-gtk3fcitx-qt4 and fcitx-qt5):D

Mastodon on Raspberry pi

Official Mastodon github doc says that the following softwares are required to run Mastodon.

  1. Nginx
  2. Docker
  3. Docker-compose

Nginx is userd as a reverse proxy. Docker can be installed by the below command written in official Raspbian doc.

However, official docker-compose can’t be used because it doesn’t compatible to Raspberry pi ARM CPU.

There is a docker-compose for ARM project, arm-compose in github. Though the readme says it isn’t maintaind anymore, anyway go ahead. Installation commands are written in the readme.

Not only docker-compose, official Mastodon docker image doesn’t work in ARM CPU environment as well, but there is a docker image for ARM, rpi-mastodon . However, using this original image we can’t compile Mastodon javascript later as menthioned in this Issue. Modified Dockerfile is here.

Though we can build rpi-mastodon images by docker build command as written in documents,  there is another problem. After precompile, when I access https://localhost:3000, browser says that

The problem is also mentioned in this Issue. Checking inside mastodon-web container, actually these files didn’t exist.

The precompiled files are found in public/assets directory with different names.

After copy or symlink these files inside public/javascripts or stylesheets directory, it worked. Other application_public.js or some images are also located in public/assets directory, so copy or symlink them as well.

Ubuntu 16.04: Can’t login Desktop (infinite loop)

One day, suddenly it turned that I couldn’t login desktop even if I enter correct password. Stackoverflow said that the reason is ~/.Xauthority permisson.

It solved the problem.

Ubuntu16.04: PHP7 MySQL connect

When I tried to run Zabbix locally, the PHP frontend page didn’t show by the following error.

After adding “php-mysql” package, it turned to work fine.


Linux: How to change hostname permanently in CentOS

To change hostname permanently in CentOS, use the following hostnamectl command (not hostname).


Linux: Ubuntu 16.04 fcitx-mozc couldn’t be install

After updating Ubuntu from 14.04 to 16.04, “Langauage Support” system settings didn’t work and the following error occured.

When I purged mozc-server package, it turned to work fine.


PostgreSQL: could not connect to server

When I started PostgreSQL server with specific database cluster on Ubuntu 14.04, the client coundn’t connect to the server.

After I changed ‘unix_socket_directories’ in the postgresql.conf, it worked.


JavaScript: UI test with Nightmare, mocha, and chai

with mocha-generators plugin

We have to use to.deep.equal instead of to.equal when comparing Arrays in chai.


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